Advantages of
our technology

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A system built for you

Our modular reactors seamlessly connect together to increase system capacity based on your needs.

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Effective wastewater treatment

Our unique technology treats your wastewater at up to ten times the speed of traditional anaerobic digestion (AD), removing up to 95% of COD before tertiary treatment.

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Secure, circular energy

Each system captures biogas with a higher methane concentration than typical AD, giving you a clean, efficient, on-site energy source.

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Maximum energy, minimum effort

Our remote operating system automates processes, maximising energy production and plant efficiency, and minimising your workload.

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Stay connected, anywhere

Keep an eye on your systems worldwide with real-time visibility of performance, environmental metrics, and maintenance information.

So, what’s our secret?

We use special bio-electrodes hosting electrically active bacteria to generate energy from waste. As these bacteria break down organics, they produce methane gas to power your plant.

Illustration depicting movement of electrons from waste, through bacteria to a electrode.

How we can help?

Image of wastewater treatment

Industrial Wastewater

Our modular units treat high-strength organic wastewater onsite, ensuring regulatory compliance and supporting your sustainable energy goals.

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Anaerobic Digestion

Our next-gen AD systems double feeding rates, increase methane yields by 30%, and feature remote monitoring for peak efficiency 24/7.

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Hepworth Brewery – Wastewater to energy

We are helping the brewery treat their wastewater on the premises, turning it into biogas on-site and avoiding costly collection and disposal.

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Llefrith Henfaes Dairy Farm – Slurry waste management

We treat cattle slurry for compliance, generating renewable energy to power the farm and create new revenue streams.

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