Turning your waste into bioenergy just got ‘WASE’ easier

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The Problem

Every day, 2 million Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water enters the environment untreated. The pollution is destroying our water systems and natural environment. 

Each year the UK alone sends 7.2 million tonnes of unavoidable food waste to landfill which releases greenhouse gases into the environment as it decomposes.

Our Approach

Our solutions allow you to maximise the value of your waste so that together we can make the future more sustainable and ultimately end environmental pollution caused by untreated water.  

Why Us? 

We are the smallest, cheapest, most efficient way to treat organic waste onsite.

  • 68% smaller* waste treatment onsite becomes an option for even space-constrained customers
  • 10 times faster - more waste gets treated on-site
  • 20% more energy generation* - no waste from waste!
  • Instant savings – waste treatment converted from a negative to positive impact on your balance sheet.
  • Optimisation – Our Remote Operating System takes the guesswork out of waste management.

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    We Have Three Systems:

    Decentralised sewage and faecal sludge treatment systems.

    Our sanitation system provides efficient and decentralised treatment to fully unlock the power of waste.

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    Circular waste treatment for food and drinks manufacturers.

    Our system allows you to fully unlock the power of waste produced during the manufacturing of food and drinks.

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    Advanced onsite treatment for agricultural waste.

    Our systems allow you to fully unlock the power of waste you produce through agricultural practices.

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