Generate energy and fertilisers while recovering water using our decentralised waste treatment solutions

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The Nexus

A waste management system that gives back renewable energy, clean water and fertiliser. We are decentralising* waste management.

Decentralising*: Moving disposal systems from a separate location to the site where the waste is produced 

Maximise your bioenergy production from waste using...

Decentralised sewage and faecal sludge treatment systems

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Circular waste treatment solutions for food and drinks manufacturers

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Advanced onsite treatment for agricultural waste

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Our team says:

Our team says:

“The drive of each individual to achieve WASE goals is fantastic. It brings the best out of people”

“We face new challenges every day, have a fun team, and we’re making a difference in the world”

“I love being part of something great from the relative beginning of a larger journey”

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