The saniWASE system

saniWASE enables cities to decentralise waste and wastewater treatment. Our technology is modular, meaning it has a flexible capacity to suit every customers needs. Easy scalability and quick installation makes our technology ideal for rapidly changing urban environments.

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Energy Production

Our patent-pending EMR technology captures biogas from the waste and turns it into a source of renewable energy. The biogas is converted into electricity for communities or replaces natural gas and biomass for cooking.

Water re-use

Our technology transforms wastewater into clean, non-potable water. The water supports environmental sustainability such as urban greenification, crop irrigation, and can even be used to flush toilets.

Fertiliser production

Our EMR technology produces an organic fertiliser to replenish soils and increase crop growth.

Remote operation

We use an intelligent Remote Operating System (ROS) to optimize performance.

The ROS automatically feeds saniWASE using our unique biosensing solution. ROS minimises your workload, maximises energy production and reduces treatment time.

Realtime visibility of system performance, environmental metrics, and basic maintenance information puts you in control of your systems wherever you or they are in the world.

Our solution for sewage and domestic waste management. Our sanitation system provides efficient and decentralised treatment to fully unlock the power of waste.