The industriWASE system

industriWASE processes unavoidable organic waste and waste water. Its modular design ensures you have the optimal waste treatment capacity on site for your business. industriWASE generates energy which runs your facility and reduces your operational cost enabling you to become more self-sustaining and improve profitability.

Energy Production

Our patent-pending EMR technology produces biogas from your unavoidable organic waste and wastewater. The biogas is utilized for heat generation or converted into electricity. The net result is a reduced operational carbon footprint.

Water re-use

Our industriWASE waste treatment technology produces clean non-potable water. The water can be upgraded with further treatment to increase reuse possibilities in your manufacturing process.

Fertiliser production

Our treatment system produces a natural fertiliser that increases crop yields and improves soil quality. The fertiliser has the potential to create an additional revenue stream when sold on to local producers or growing collectives within your supply chain.

Remote operation

We use an intelligent Remote Operating System (ROS) to optimize performance.

The ROS automatically feeds industriWASE using our unique biosensing solution. ROS minimises your workload, maximises energy production and reduces treatment time.

Realtime visibility of system performance, environmental metrics, and basic maintenance information puts you in control of your systems wherever you or they are in the world.

Our solution for industrial waste management. Our system allows you to fully unlock the power of waste produced during the manufacturing of food and drinks.