The agriWASE system

agriWASE is designed and built for farmers. It is the most effective onsite waste management solution whether your focus is on dairy, meat, arable or poultry. We enable you to treat waste quickly and to generate more energy onsite than any other comparable technology

If you are looking at ways to lower costs and maximise your sustainability, we'd love to hear from you.

Energy Production

Our patent-pending EMR technology enables a larger, more reliable production of biogas from waste.

Generating biogas onsite reduces your costs by giving you the flexibility to produce heat and electricity to run your operations. There is the potential to create new revenue streams as surplus electricity can be sold locally. Lead the way in sustainable farming by generating your own, reliable energy with agriWASE.

Water re-use

Our technology takes organic farm waste and wastewater and processes it into clean non-potable water. We adapt our solutions to your requirements. Whether it is water for irrigation, replenishing the local environment, or general cleaning, we recycle your water to a safe quality you can trust.

Fertiliser production

Our treatment system produces an organic fertiliser that increases crop yield and improves the quality of the soil by maximising nutrient availability.

We work with you and the environmental agency to ensure that the fertiliser complies with all relevant legislation.

Remote operation

We use an intelligent Remote Operating System (ROS) to optimize performance.

The ROS automatically feeds agriWASE using our unique biosensing solution. ROS minimises your workload, maximises energy production and reduces treatment time.

Realtime visibility of system performance, environmental metrics, and basic maintenance information puts you in control of your systems wherever you and they are in the world.

Our solution for agricultural waste management. Our systems allow you to fully unlock the power of waste you produce through agricultural practices.