Our purpose is to protect the planet for future generations by ensuring we live sustainably. So, we have made it our mission to accelerate the global adoption of circular waste treatment through affordable and accessible innovation. We are looking for a motivated scientist to share our vision and scale our innovative technology globally. 

The role is for an early career/graduate scientist looking to join an innovative and fast-growing team that is making waste the fuel of the future. You will be playing a pivotal role in our research and development, improving the electrodes, bio-sensing and bio-processing understanding using our unique Electro-Methanogenic technology. You will be working predominantly with lab and pilot systems to inform our commercial units. 

You will be working within a diverse team and joining a startup on a path towards significant growth. The role is an opportunity for an ambitious person to join a team that is committed to nurturing you and giving you opportunities to accelerate your career. It is a chance to grow our strategy, research, and innovation into something that will change the world. 


Who are we? 

We are an award-winning team developing the next generation of wastewater and organic waste-to-energy technologies to produce biohydrogen and biomethane, which will power circular economies 


Doing things our WASE 

We want to grow a diverse team, so innovation and ideas can flourish within WASE. We know that we need to continually work on this area as we grow our team. We are particularly encouraging people to apply from under-represented groups, including but not limited to gender, disability, ethnicity, sexuality.  

Job Description; the fun bit. 

You will be working in a leading science and research team developing our next generation electrodes to increase energy recovery, treatment efficiency and biosensing capabilities. The research you will carry out will be scaled up and applied to pilot and commercial food and beverage industry systems.  

  1. You will be setting up our new Bristol research facility. 
  1. Evaluate new electrode designs to reduce costs increase treatment and energy production efficiency. 
  1. Evaluate the microbial response on electrodes to develop biosensing capabilities to understand the health of the reactor and increase treatment and energy production efficiency. 
  1. You will be optimising the Electro-Methanogenic process through biosensing and bioprocess optimisation. 

What you can deliver in the next year 

  • New optimised electrode design to increase energy recovery treatment efficiency and reduce costs. 
  • Optimisation of bio and electrochemical processes 
  • Evaluate results from lab systems to inform our commercial trials  

What you demonstrate every day… 

  • Demonstrate excellent work ethics and embrace our culture 
  • Ability to work autonomously  
  • Ability to plan, work under pressure, deliver results and meet timelines 
  • Critical thinking and experimental analysis 
  • Effective verbal and written communication 
  • Design/review experiments etc. 
  • Ability to work with a multidisciplinary team (chemists, biologists, engineers and designers) 


About you 

  • Scientific qualification minimum BSc. (MSc. Desirable but not essential) 
  • Experience carrying out experiments in Bio-Electrochemical Systems, Anaerobic Digestion, Electrochemistry. (Microbial Electroylsis Cell, Microbial Methanogenic Cell, Electro-Methanogenisis are desirable) 
  • Enthusiasm to learn and grow  
  • No research experience outside of university is required 
  • Tier 5 – £21.6 – 23k (depending on relevant work experience 0 -1 years) 
  • Tier 4 – £30k 2-3 yrs relevant experience and taking on management/project responsability 
  • Knowledge of biological electro-chemcial systems, anaerobic digestion, wastewater treatment, waste to energy, bioprocess control, Bio-methane or biohydrogen production 
  • Proficient IT Skills – inc. Microsoft, lab/analysis software 


Our values are key to us, and the role 

  • You can grow trust within the team that allows effective communication and teamwork. 
  • You are an innovator that doesn’t want to settle for the normal.  
  • You are a proactive enabler that makes things happen. 
  • You are committed to protecting a sustainable world and protecting it for others. 
  • You will create an environment to grow and learn yourself but also mentor others. 


It’s an amazing opportunity to work with an ambitious and passionate team. Get paid £21.6 – 23k + share options and work flexibly while developing the future of waste to energy. Join our journey early to become influential in WASE and have rapid career development opportunities in line with the company’s rapid growth.  

How to Apply

At WASE, equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are valued across the team, and as part of our non-discriminatory policy, we request all applicants send out non-identifying C.V.s and Cover letters. Personal information is to be included in the personal information and diversity form only.

Please DO NOT mention any of your personal details on your CV and cover letter.

Application Pack

The Application consists of 3 components:

1) CV

2) Cover letter

3) Personal information & diversity form

Please send the above documents to Emily.Mahony@wase.co.uk

The documents in your application must be titled as below:

Subject line



1_ Initials_CV

Cover letter

2_ Initials _Cover_Letter

Personal information & diversity form


Incomplete applications or applications not following the required format will not be accepted.

Application pack


Application deadline: 3rd May 2022

Interviews week: w/c 9th May 2022

Joining date: June – July 2022 (can delay for the right candidate)

We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, so we highly encourage early applications.

The candidate MUST be based in the UK, meet the eligibility criteria, and have a right to work in the UK. WASE will not bear sponsorship, work visa and/or relocation costs.