To celebrate our rapid growth over the last year we wanted to highlight one of our newer team members Harvey Rutland who joined WASE in August 2020.  Harvey began his WASE journey in a 3-month Design Engineering Internship, he permanently joined the team as a Design Engineer in November and has since been working incredibly hard on numerous projects. Here’s a couple of questions we asked Harvey to see what he thinks of his time so far.

What skills have you picked up or improved upon since august?

I’ve learnt how to manage data collection from multiple sources in the lab and field-based pilots. Developing tools to streamline the way we process and report the information about our technology.

How would you describe the team atmosphere at WASE?

Energising! The whole team has a really forward-thinking attitude and is keen to find ways that we can apply our technology to help solve a global issue. Everyone is working towards the same company goals such as renewable energy production and sustainable waste processing.

What are your personal goals moving forward with WASE?

I’m keen to find ways we can implement artificial intelligence and machine learning with technology, as I feel this could assist our ongoing research. It will be interesting to see what this information can provide and the potential it could have to influence the design of our systems in the future.

We know that as Harvey develops so will WASE. It’s so important within a start-up to make sure that everyone is reaching their personal goals as well as the company. We believe this is what will keep us growing at this pace and most importantly keep everybody in the best possible position to learn.

30.03.2021 | Kimberley Dobney